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SIL Trading & Consulting was founded by Kaveh Mohammad Pour. He was born in Persia and moved to the Netherlands in the early 1990s to extend his study and work in human capital and entrepreneurship.

For almost 20 years Kaveh Mohammad Pour has been active in the field of international trade, employment and talent development in various leadership roles. His extensive experience and knowledge of the Netherlands, the Middle East (and Iran in particular) inspired him to act as a liaise person between these countries and bringing business and talented people together.

‘I’m honoured to have had the chance to work with and learn from important role models. I feel much gratitude towards Mr. Ruud Lubbers (former Prime Minister of the Netherlands), Mr. Arie Kraaijeveld (former Chairman of FME-CWM) and Mr. Kees Bleichrodt (former Director of the University Assistance Fund). They all have inspired me in my professional and personal life and still do today’.

Besides Managing Director of SIL Trading & Consulting Kaveh Mohammad Pour holds various positions such as Managing Director of the Netherlands Iran Business Council, CSR Manager & Executive Coach at Van Ede & Partners and Board Member of The Hub for Expats, South Netherlands.